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Sealers for plasma electrolytic oxidation

With an outstanding combination of wear-resistance, high hardness and protection from corrosion, plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has become one of the most sought-after technologies in materials science.

One of the most exciting features of PEO coatings are their ability to form so-called "duplex" coating systems. These can enhance the performance of a ceramic layer formed by PEO by adding a subsequent coating that seals the porous PEO layer. Due to this porous microstructure, PEO layers adhere brilliantly to subsequent layers, much better than comparable coating solutions.

Selecting a base PEO-coating and matching that to an optimal choice of sealer enables engineers to enjoy a range of properties, which can be combined to create the perfect finish for a given application.

Keronite have developed a range of duplex surface coating solutions for customers across a range of industries. In the oil & gas sector, Keronite's materials scientists have created solutions that provide a mixture of previously conflicting properties. Likewise in aerospace, where extreme demands on components necessitates hard-wearing, lubricant coatings.

In our guide to sealers for PEO, we review several duplex and composite structures that have been actively deployed with great levels of success. Some of these solutions include two-layer PEO and resin structures, whereas others include ceramic and ceramic nano-composite structures. Each provides a unique set of benefits.

Download the guide to learn about the main types of sealers that can be deployed with PEO, how they are applied and what benefits they bring to an already impressive set of characteristics brought through PEO.

White Paper  White Paper: Sealers & Top-Coat Options for PEO Free Download
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