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PEO for the future of lightweight electric vehicles

Auto manufacturers have proven there’s a market for electric vehicles. More than 3 million were on European roads by the end of 2020. However, the infrastructure of charging technology is one of the key factors inhibiting the adoption of ultra-low emission EVs. This infrastructure needs to be scaled alongside EV sales through improvements to charging and battery efficiency.

In order to rapidly scale high-quality EV charging infrastructure, the right combination of materials and components are required. Light metals like aluminium and magnesium bring greater efficiency to charging technologies as well as lightweight designs for vehicles. However, these materials can be susceptible to corrosion, thermal stress and wear, making them unsuitable for EV infrastructure.

Surface coating technology such as dielectric coatings have enabled the use of light metals in high-power industries, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of failure and ensuring safety. Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation is an innovative form of surface coating that enhances magnesium, aluminium and titanium with the properties required to function in EV infrastructure.

Our whitepaper explores the hurdles EV infrastructure faces in scaling, and the various benefits light metals coated using PEO can bring. This paper covers:

  • Material requirements for high-power infrastructure and the challenges involved
  • The different types of dielectric coatings and how they benefit electrical components
  • The specifics of PEO and how it can help scale and grow EV infrastructure

To learn more about how PEO can enhance EV charging infrastructure through light metals, click below to download our whitepaper for free.

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