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How PEO surface coatings protect magnesium alloys from corrosion

Weight reduction continues to grow in importance for designers of new products. This is one of the reasons why magnesium is becoming a more popular choice. Magnesium is extremely low-density - making it perfect for many applications in sectors like aerospace and oil & gas. But one of the few factors holding it back in the eyes of these industries is its susceptibility to corrosion.

Industrial corrosion has been shown to cost trillions of dollars each year, so this is understandably a major concern. But Keronite have managed to achieve a high-performance solution through our magnesium surface coatings. Our Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) coatings work in three layers to convert soft, reactive magnesium to hard, stable magnesium. The result gives magnesium alloys increased mechanical load tolerance while keeping them flexible - meaning Keronite's coatings don't suffer from cracking and flaking like many other types are prone to do.

Our whitepaper explores the highly beneficial qualities of PEO in preventing magnesium corrosion, and how we created our industry-leading solutions. The paper covers:

  • The development process of Keronite's advanced coating for lightweight magnesium components
  • Our latest in cutting-edge developments for extreme corrosion resistance coatings
  • The performance of Keronite's Duplex PEO coatings in salt-spray testing

To learn more about the power of PEO to stop magnesium corrosion in its tracks, click below to download the whitepaper for free. 

White Paper Download  Protecting Mg alloys from corrosion with PEO Download Now
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