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Datasheet: PEO performance on Aluminium alloys

Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) is one of the world’s most advanced surface coatings for aluminium. Keronite’s scientists have spent years researching and developing the coating, improving its performance and commercial viability in a number of novel ways. The coating is now in use to improve performance and increase component life in numerous applications.

The technique is suitable for all valve metals: aluminium, titanium, magnesium and others. Manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, defence and consumer electronics industries frequently choose PEO to uniquely improve performance.

Keronite has created, deployed and industrialised hundreds of unique PEO coatings for customers over the years. But to give you an idea of the performance potential of PEO, we’ve put together a new datasheet, demonstrating how PEO coatings perform on aluminium. We review:

  • 3 PEO regimes; A, B and P series Keronite, and the alloys best suited for these regimes
  • Coating thickness
  • Hardness
  • Dielectric strength
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Inward/outward growth
  • Typical composition.
  • Characteristics, example applications and benefits to each

Studies assessing the performance of PEO in dielectric applications and research on suspended particles within electrolytes are underway currently, which may highlight new ways to radically improve the performance of PEO within various applications.

To learn more, download the full PEO data sheet below. Or, for more information, get in touch with Keronite’s technical team. We can offer you free, no-obligation surface coating advice depending on your application, too.

PEO Data Sheet  Performance of PEO Coatings on Aluminium Alloys Download
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About the author

Robin Francis

About the author

Robin Francis

Dr. Robin Francis is a material science specialist with a M.A. and PH.D in inorganic chemistry from Oxford University. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Keronite, world leading developer of advanced surface treatments for engineering metals. Robin is a recognised expert in Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation technology, offering his insight and contribution in various engineering journals. Examples of these journals include, “thermal swing coatings for future sustainable heavy-duty IC engines” and, “the incorporation of particles suspended in the electrolyte into plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on Ti and Al substrates.”