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Keronite Customer Story

Corrosion-resistant coatings for acidic manufacturing environments

How Keronite is reducing factory downtime

The delays caused by halted production in manufacturing environments have wide-reaching consequences and can be felt throughout entire supply chains. Downtime is costly to suppliers, both in terms of reputation and revenue. Limiting downtime caused by unexpected service issues is essential but nonetheless challenging, particularly in the complex factory environments of today.

Keronite is working with leading factory installation equipment manufacturers to limit this downtime. In corrosive environments, installation equipment (such as power, water, lighting and ventilation fixtures) are all prone to failure – and do not fit in with regular service intervals.

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Preparing PEO for factories

Due to the uniquely tailorable proccessing parameters of PEO, Keronite's scientists were able to develop a corrosion-resistant duplex coating that extends the life of factory installation products by thousands of hours cumulatively.